Our Journey

WYLD [wīld]

Wyld - pronounced "wild" - stands for What. You. Love. Doing. Wyld stands for radical self love, for fearlessly going after our dreams and what sets our souls on fire. Our clean essentials are inspired by love and wanderlust, and are desired by the empowered woman who treasures freedom, who lives to wander without boundaries, and who fearlessly charts her path in life.

With an unwavering mission of sustainability and wellness, Wyld is dedicated to going beyond the brand, to build a movement that empowers, inspires and elevates one another.

Proceeds from every product sold are donated to ocean conservation.

note from our founder

Hi, I’m Joy! Aka Wyld mama.

Growing up, I was told that I wasn’t good enough: I was too skinny (my nickname growing up was Popeye’s wife Olive), I wasn't pretty enough, a good enough daughter / sister / girlfriend, smart enough, I was “too wild,” and the list goes on. And just like many of us do, I started to believe it.

It didn’t help that I had a skin condition that affected my self-confidence. I found myself trying everything to heal my skin. I finally realized I needed to heal myself first, from the inside out.

It was a long journey to learn to love myself fully and embrace my wild ways! A big part of my self-love journey was starting Wyld. I finally had the courage to go after my dreams and to do what I love and am passionate about - ocean conservation.

We are all enough, more than enough. And we all deserve to love ourselves and do what we love every single day. That’s how I was inspired to start Wyld, and I hope it inspires you to go after what you love doing too.